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Elementary first aid. STCW section A-VI/1-3

About The Course
This course is part of the mandatory Basic Safety Training for all seafarers with designated safety duties. The mandatory Basic Safety Training courses also includes: Personal Survival Techniques, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities and Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting.

Ships can be hazardous places and are seldom close to professional medical facilities. So the ability of a seafarer to deliver effective first aid could mean the difference between life and death for a fellow crew member or a passenger.
Elementary First Aid gives an introduction to the objectives of first aid. It features the resuscitation techniques when continuing the supply of oxygen to the brain. This supply can be interrupted by choking, immersion in water or by inhalation of smoke or gas. Shock is another huge factor that is considered, as other injuries or severe bleeding may accompany it. Burns and scalds are also highlighted.
In all cases involving accidents or injury it is important that the first aider starts by checking that neither they nor the casualty are in further danger.

Target Audience
All seafarers from sailor to captain, who want to sail as professional at sea should have followed these first aid at sea.
Also for peoples who sail for pleasure this is a very useful course to improve safety on board.


Czech or English on request


Regulations Addressed
STCW Table A-VI/1-3.

Course Objectives
To enable all seafarers to meet the minimum standard of competence in elementary first aid outlined with STCW Convention Table A-VI/1-3 and the IMO Model Course.

Course Outcomes
On successful completion of the course, candidates will receive a good theoretical knowledge and practical skills in first aid on board when alongside, at anchor and at sea.
It will equip all seafarers with minimum standard competence in elementary first aid as outlined in the STCW Convention and IMO Model Course.

The course consists of:

  • Lecture and practical trainings
  • Final test

Course Contents

  • Reaction in case of a medical emergency
  • Medical assistance or advice by VHF
  • CPR reanimation and training on a manikin
  • Shock treatment
  • Choking
  • Heart attack
  • Head wounds
  • Back injuries
  • Fractures and dislocations
  • Burns
  • Bleeding
  • Drowning drill
  • Cold shock and hypothermia
  • First aid equipment on board
Course Duration
8 Guided Learning Hours (GLHs) are required to complete the course. 

This course is arranged by C.O.S. - CREW MANAGEMENT, s.r.o. in Seafarers Training Center, Palachova 457/29, 290 01 Podebrady.   

On successful completion of the course, Ministry of Transport Czech Republic will issue a Certificate of Proficiency. 
Certificate is usually to be issued within 7-10 working days after completion of the course. 
To obtain a Certificate, student has to bring to Course Administrator a photo of the size required for passport and one stamp for CZK 200. For further information please contact Course Administrator: Lucie Marasova ( +420 722 466 939 , e-mail: ).  
Form of Certificate of Proficiency Stáhnout PDF
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